Monday, 7 January 2019

The pointy end

The bow will have to be fairly basic, no fancy josher shape this time. With a much shorter boat, the fairly bluff standard Tyler bow should work perfectly well. It means less space in the well deck, but that can’t be helped. Being gas free means that there will be storage in the forepeak, probably with a triangular lid to maximise access. We want a transverse locker again, with the same arrangement as we have on Sanity Again. That is, the deep locker for a bow thruster will be there, but without the bow thruster tube. We haven’t missed one on a 70’ boat so certainly don’t need one on 50. What we get is a good chunk of long term storage, suitable for things like the anchor and chain when not on a river, and the emergency Porta Potti.

As usual, there’ll be a stainless steel water tank under the well deck, with the filler coming up through the gunwale rather than down on the deck getting trodden on.

We’ll still want a cratch with hardwood glazed deck board and a simple cover, just a single zip and no see through panels. Not needing to heave gas cylinders in and out of the bow locker means we probably won’t need doors in the deck board.

That’s about it for the bow. Going back to the last post, we’ve pretty well decided against chromed brightwork, so it’s either stainless steel or painted.

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